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My Work

Below is a list of various projects that I have previously conducted, it includes an overview of the project, my role and links (where available) of outputs. 


CFYE Evaluation

Challenge Fund for Youth Employment

(CFYE) is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a consortium led by Palladium. The fund works towards a goal of improving or creating decent work for youth... Read More.


Circular Clarity MasterClass

TMCs commitment to learning, growing their “employneurs” and an increased demand by customers and government regulations to implement sustainable practices within their... Read More.

Sand Dune


GCRF Evaluation

The Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) supports research that address various challenges faced by developing countries. It addresses UN Sustainable Development goals... Read More.


Circular Clarity People and Values Policy

Circular Clarity seeks to work towards a circular world by working with SMEs in their transition to a circular model. As part of their commitment to “walk the walk”... Read More

Rustic Metal Structure


CFFS Gender Assessment

Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CFFS) works to establish creative solutions to meet complex national security challenges and promote stability and peace. It is a cross-governmental fund... Read More


Laudes DE

The Laudes Foundation seeks to challenge industry, while inspiring them to be a force for good. They strive to create a climate-positive and... Read More.

Antelope Canyon
Stone Wall


CFM Gender Assessment

The Climate Fund Managers is a for-profit investment managing organisation. They work in areas most affected by impacts of climate... Read More

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