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Who Am I?

As a self-employed business, everything I do is aligned with my personal values that drive me to do my work. The goal of Tully's Consultancy is embedded in my Mission Statement and Core Values.

Mission Statement

I connect people to enable an equitable and circular world for all by providing simplistic methods, building trust and maintaining integrity in everything I do. 

Core Values

​These core values drive how I conduct business:

  • Passionate 

  • Enabler 

  • Connector 

  • Simplicity 

  • Transparent

  • Inclusive


About Me

The Connector and Enabling Advisor

I am driven by the idea that business plays a leading role in development, gender equality, and fighting climate change, particularly through focusing on women entrepreneurship and circularity. This belief has been developed through my diverse international experience and my work as a Community Development advisor and a Self-Employed Research Analyst. My passion for gender equality and youth development has been strengthened from my experience in developing, implementing, and managing a girl’s empowerment camp in the Comoros Islands, conducting a GESI analysis of the Boarderlands of Tanzania and Mozambique, and creating a People and Values Policy with a GESI lens. While my knowledge for the Circular Economy has been expanded through my Master's Thesis where I conducted primary and secondary research to establish the motives for women entrepreneurs to start circular business in Brazil, providing training for SMEs seeking to transition to circular business and establishing a simplified CSRD dashboard for SMEs to utilise during their transition. 

I am a hard worker, driven by my passions and ambitions to achieve gender equality through supporting circular business and women entrepreneurs. I thrive in a diverse, fast-paced dynamic community, am highly organised, succeed at multi-tasking, and working both autonomously and as a team player. I have excellent communication skills, demonstrated by my knowledge of five languages, experience in stakeholder engagement, and cross-cultural understanding. I excel as a connector, bringing diverse groups together to create the positive change we all seek to have in the world.

I have demonstrated solid experience in programme management, programme design, research, data analytics, policy write-up, and implementing sustainable community projects. I have achieved set targets and objectives for projects through utilising M&E strategies, adhering to deadlines, creating realistic KPIs, and providing recommendations based off business strategy assessments. 

I desire to consult organisations, NGOs, SMEs, and government entities to work towards circular business models, youth engagement and women eocnomic empowerment through training, programme design, MEAL or organisational assessments.

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