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About Me

Professional Sustainability Consultant and Research Analyst

I have been professionally consulting since 2021, with extensive experience in Circular Economy and Economic Empowerment as far back as 2016. I believe deeply in the power SMEs play in the world, both in driving true change and in the power they plays in creating change in people's every day lives. I have worked with international development organisations and private clients to conduct analysis of projects by researching key topics, writing evidence summaries, literature reviews, and policies, and establishing circular recommendations. I am actively working with businesses as they transition to circular business models, ensuring their policies align with the companies values and needs. Additionally, I provide research and analysis for businesses, NGOs and government organization to best position them for best results.


My Services

Passionate. Connector. Simplicity. Enabler. Trustful.


Policy Writing/Review

Reviewing and writing Key Policies (following CSRD, ESG and other sustainability guidelines)


Research Analyst

Literature Reviews, Evidence Mapping, Project Evaluations

Business Consulting

Transition to Circular Business: Including Needs/Gap Assessment, Sustainable KPIs and CSRD Compliance

Contact Me

If you are interested in working with me, collaborating or networking feel free to submit the form below or email me at

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