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Laudes Developmental Evaluation

Green Ivy from the Roof

The Laudes Foundation seeks to challenge industry, while inspiring them to be a force for good. They strive to create a climate-positive and inclusive economy. They work with wider networks and with changemaking organisations who work in Fashion Materials, Labour Rights, Finance & Capital Markets, Built Enviornment and Advocacy.


As a foundation dedicated to being a leader in funding lead change makers, they have commissioned a multi-year developmental evaluation*. This included in-depth reviews of the current context, reviewing grants progress and yearly sense making workshops of that progress.


During the evaluation I organized grant data, including length, size, type and progress of grants. I researched current context of different focus areas, such as Global Labour Rights or Just Transition in EU to feed into sensemaking workshop. I reviewed proposals, progress reports and KIIs to pull data around grant progress, organizational efficiency and lessons learned.


*a development evaluation is an ever-evolving evaluation which works in collaboration with the organization’s decision makers. It adjusts methods of evaluating based off the needs of the foundation and the current environment that the foundation works in.

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