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CFYE Evaluation


Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foeign Affairs and a consortium led by Palladium. The fund works towards a goal of improving or creating decent work for youth, in particular women. It works with Implementing Partners (IP) across the Middle Easy, North Africa, Horn of Africa and Sahel/West Africa regions to overcome challenges around youth unemployment/underemployment.


As part of their ongoing learning, understanding of their impact, and provide best practices, CFYE has commissioned a multi-year evaluation to assess the design and performance of the fund. The evaluation seeks to generate evidence and lessons learned on the instruments and interventions for the fund to accelerate its impact during the remainder of the fund as well as provide learning for others.


During the inception phase, I pulled data on all active implementing partners across the various countries CFYE works in. This provided an overview for establishing case study selection and a baseline of projects. During the mid-line, I pulled further data (via salesforce) on the selected cases in four focus countries (Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya), to feed into the Organisational Review and the overall analaysis of IP’s impact. Further, I wrote literature reviews of government policies, national and international programme and pulled statistical data on youth employment and gender equality of focus countries. This established country context for the mid-line report. I utilized MaxQDA to analysis KIIs for feeding into country leads analyses of effectiveness and efficiency.

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